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Basingstoke power flush from £250

Also covering the surrounding areas such as Andover, Newbury, Reading and Winchester.


All British Gas power flush quotes will be beaten*.

Not only will we beat British Gas but any other major energy supplier*.

What is a power flush?

– In very basic terms a power flush will remove the build up of sludge and other debris from your central heating systems.

How do I know if I need a power flush?

– You maybe suffering from a noisy boiler or central heating pump. Your radiators maybe slow to heat up. The downstairs radiators may have cold spots or not heat up at all.

Benefits of a power flush

– After a power flush has been completed by a professional from Hopkins Heating your central heating system will regain circulation and noise reduction. This in term will lead to a greater heat transfer and greater boiler efficiency.

Can you afford not to have a power flush with future savings of up to 25% on energy costs and reduced chance of major component failure on flushed systems.

All new boilers fitted to an existing central heating system should have the system power flushed – Modern boilers, developed to minimise fuel costs and pollution, have compact heat exchanger with narrow waterways. This makes them more susceptible to problems caused by debris in the water.

Bolier manufacturers insist that heating systems are thoroughly flushed according to BS7593 : 2006

Power flushes

Power flushes

At Hopkins Heating we use the best power flush machine available for the domestic market, the Kamco CF40 in conjunction with a CombiMag magnetic filtration system. The combimag can extract more than 2.1kg of black iron oxide debris from the water before requiring cleaning. All central heating systems are different so we will inspect your system and choose the appropriate chemicals for the flushing process to ensure the best results are achieved.

We are so confident with our unrivalled quotes, expertise, workmanship and customer service that we know from your first call to us, this will be the start of a long term relationship.

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Please see our new website for power flushing www.hhpowerflush.co.uk